When we dig for Gold is the USA

This, my friends, is how you make a great cover. Simply listen to Amanda Jensen's extraordinary version of När vi gräver guld i USA "We we dig for gold in the USA".
This audio clip is actually better than the TV-version clip.
This is the original. The official World Cup song for the Swedish footbal team, in the world cup in 1994, in the USA. 
Why is this cover so amazing?
1. It is sung in English (original is in Swedish)
2. It is sung by a female vocalist (original are men)
3. It is now more of a sad song (original has more of a happy feel to it)
I have always said, that if you are making a cover, it needs to stand out, it needs to way different to the original version, otherwise you are just copying and not really covering. To make a cover you need to show us your take on an already famous tune and make it your own. Amanda Jensen has definitely done that. Amazing, simply amazing. 
P.S The Swedish version with G.E.S is actually one of my favorite Swedish songs alltime, and I have often translated the lyrcis in my head, to When we are digging Gold in the USA. To me it was a tricky task to make a cover on this song as it is so realted to the '94 world cup but as soon as I heard Amanda's version I was blown away. BLOWN AWAY. I'm still in shock, such an incredible voice she has, that lady, and what a talent! 
The above song, Illusionist, is probably the best song of hers. Enjoy!


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