Japan Mission 2013 - Part 4

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Quotes and phrases
'I'm not hungry… but I could eat' (F)
'You have to use flass' (F)
'That's what she said' (J and L)
'Ouite a lot of Japanese people here' (L) 
'That's a shit photo' (L)
'Como te llamas? - 'Estoy bien' (F and Starbucks lady)
'How do you say this in Chinese?' (F)
'Hope this food will give you a wonderful time' (packet of crisps)
'Depertere' (cable car woman announcer in Miyajima)
'It is very clean here' (L)
'What a palava' (L)
'Que' (J and L)
'Schup' (L)
'Let's walk up the stairs' (K)
'Happy as Allen' (K)
'Ya ta' (F)
Various pronunciations of Miyajima (Mimimijimama, Mimajima, Mijamima, Mijimama…) (K and L)
'It's been on my penis, but don't worry it is clean' (F)
'This is lovely' (L)
'This is the best … I have ever tasted / tried / seen / done / experienced' (L)
'Where are you guys from?' (most people we met)
'Waaaaaaaouw' (reply from old lady when we explained where we come from)
'My cold are feet' (K)
'I have teeth my brushed' (K)
'Please wait for the staffs in order to be seated' 
'Let's ask, I will ask' (F)
'Ah, verrry good' (F)
'If I cannot find them in Tokyo I will just buy one on Ebay' (F)
'Arrigato nada mas' (K and L)
'Emperoring' (K)
'I think it is a typing error' (F - when the train pass expires in year 25)
'...or maybe Japan is 12 years ahead of us?' (L - when the train pass expires in year 25)
'Please no dancing' (in Japanese clubs)
'Welcome to Gion Fernando'
'What's you favorite... colour? food? animal? country? movie? stop on the japanese metro system?' (K)
'You need to remember what you are wearing, not the same outfit everyday, looks bad when we take photos' (K)
'Let's get some ham' (was cow tongue)
'They have happy hour - you get 1 Yen for 100 beers' (K)
Numb (not with a silent B) (K)
Other memorable moments and things
The quality of Japanese TV - especially the 'learn Spanish' programme
Cheating on Shinkansen when Fernando lost his train pass
Kajsa looking for toilets - once every hour, luckly there are restrooms almost everywhere
Fernando's blessings of Japanese children (konnichiwa)
Juan's rubs of love
Hot pressured showers
Self flushing, seat heated toilets with flushing sound and zink on top
Latino Luke touching and talking about his beard
The meaning of Karaoke and Karate (anyone remembers?)
Fernando's eating 
Kajsa's daily instagramming
Fishspa at the first Onsen
Waiting in train stations
Leaving clothes for laundry in Osaka and they came back smaller...
Sleeping on the floor, between the seats in the night bus to Tokyo
Kajsa talking loudly in places where you are supposed to be quiet
Luke pretending to be pregnant
Fernando signing school kids books with his name and country
Girl picture trading outside Osaka castle
Powernapeando sessions in parks, on trains, in the metro, in hostels... 
People sleeping (resting) on public transport - seated AND standing
Mixing with the locals (buddhist munks, school kids, girls in yukatas, families on cruises, Juan's friends…)
Doing the V-sign on every single photo - just like the Asians
Year 25 of the current emperor
The ever so useful 1 Yen coin
Foot creaming for baby soft feet
Fernando using the Kasha pronounciation (It's KAJSA)
Kajsa taking photos with radio show stars (…or at least radio presenters) - Club 333 Love on DJ
Spotting Power Rangers
Covering of tattoos in onsens
Menus and ticket machines ONLY in Japanese made the orders interesting 
Lady in incense shop humming along when Kajsa sings the mountain top song
Hectic dance routines at the maid cafe
Kajsa's visit to the pharmacy to get constipation pills - body language did not work
Kajsa almost dying on a Japanese futuristic toilet after taking the pink pills from the pharmacy
Luke's photo of the day
All the selfies 
Avoiding the low tables at restaurants, due to bad backs and knees
The 'hello' nod, which was the same as the 'thank you' nod, which was the same as the 'goodbye' nod which was also the same as the 'oh, hello, another westerner' nod
The photo booth pictures where we are all make-up with large eyes
The search for geishas in Gion
Pretending to be Gandalf up on the Miyajima mountain
Checking in on Instagram, FourSquare or other social medias with Kanji caracters - not exacty knowing if they are the correct ones
One dish on the menu comes with 10 small plates
Japanese signage - especially when looking for Ginza line in Tokyo
The random name dropping of metro stations - i.e Shinshibashi, Yoshibashi, Namba, Ginza, Shin-Osaka, Nihombashi, Shinkansen… (as long as you say them fast it sounds about right)
Reading the guide book over and over again - highlighting without a highlighter
The amount of vending machines
The lack of rubbish bins (lessons learnt - do not collect leaflets and other brochures - you end up carrying them around the whole day)
Collecting all sorts of tickets, entrances, maps, cards for future scrapbooking
Kids wanting to take photos 
The Spanish woman at the first Tokyo hostel (let's call her Paloma from Canarias) who talked and talked and talked… to Juan!
The Happy train conductor on Shinkansen
The Scottish guy on the train to Gifu who we blamed to have stolen Fernando's pass (shame on us!)
The ever so useful coin lockers which are easy to find in any station or club (unless there is a public bank holiday and all are taken)
We've become professional chopstickers
The usage of hai, in the wrong way, means yes in Japanese, we used it as hello (like hi). 
Fernando asking everyone about everything
Statues in temples and shrines wearing red aprons
Women only cars at the metro in rush hour 
The sound level at the Pachinko games halls
Being lost in translation very often
6am buddhist munk prayer session 
No dancing at Tokyo night clubs
Fernando changing his background photo to a picture of Kajsa and Luke - Juan does the same - Luke keep his awesome photo of the day and Kajsa is ego and keep one of herself
Karaoke in rather quiet Takayama
Man walking into our room in temple
Woman walking into our room, switching lights on in Kyoto
The magic of the zen garden
The one and only night out in Tokyo with Mexican food, watery drinks, karaoke and expensive taxis
Fernando's excitement over spanish restaurants and shops in Japan
Making up meanings of the Kanji caracters (a lot of elephants with hats, upside down turtles smileys, and waffles - waffles everywhere)
Fernando not realising he had been wearing his t-shirt inside out the whole day - who can blame him, it was a desigual one! (Quick change in the metro after finding out!)
Quening on left side in Tokyo and right side in Osaka - or the other way around - I'm not the best with right and left!
Luke and Juan visiting Mayumi's parents house commuting in Japanese to mother, English to sister and Spanish to Mayumi.
Fernando trying curry
Juan doing Yoga for first time (pain afterwards) and the making a tenugui
Bromance in Ginza
Half29 sunsets
The jellyfish hand-boom-gesture with psssch sound effect - not to be confused with the frog!


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