That's Not My Name

So, many of you may already know that I have difficulties with my name when I go to Starbucks. If you never been to SB before I can tell you that, normally, when you order a drink they ask you for your name to put on the paper cup in order for you to collect it at the counter when it is ready. In the beginning I used to spell my name, very clear - K- A - J - S - A - K for Kilo, A for Apple, J for July, S for Sugar, A for Apple but even by doing so they hardly ever got it right, so now I have started a game - I say my name once, loud and clear (without spelling it) and then look with excitment on the result when I get the cup. IT IS NEVER RIGHT. Here are just some of my alternative names for far.
Kajsa (my real name). Kagsa. Caiza. Casey. Taisa. Laisa. Eisa. Kensa. Tysa. Kelsa. Kaiza. Kaia. Kaysa. Caisa. Hkise (or possible Thise). Casa. - Which one do you like the most? I don't like any. Perhaps Casey because that's what T-rex calls me all the time anyway. 
Another Kagsa below (the version I hate the most).
What the f**k? Marie!? don't get me wrong - it is a very nice name - but not my name. I told the barista at the counter - 'Ehhm, I don't think this is mine, it's is not my name on it' and I got the reply: 'You ordered a grande chai tea latte - this is the only one we have - it is yours now' 
Okay. Marie it is.
Only once they got it right. It was in Covent Garden, and my guess is (it is a wild guess) that the barista was in fact Swedish... or at least Scandi. 
I think this should be my theme song in life.
They call me Stacey
They call me her
They call me Jane

That's not my name
That's not my name
That's not my name
That's not


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